Writing Credits: Produced & Commissioned Screenplays


An adaptation of a short story by Willa Cather, starring Jean Marsh and Fred Gwynne, for Phoenix Films and Video/Phoenix Learning Group; broadcast on PBS, CBS Cable and The Disney Channel. Written, Produced and Directed by Carl Colby.

The Astronomer's Dream

A short high-definition (HDTV) dramatic profile of astronomer and mystic Johannes Kepler, starring Lothaire Bluteau. Music composed by Elliott Goldenthal. The first all-digital HDTV project produced by Sony Corporation’s Visual Communication Center. Animation with JPL/NASA. Premiere at the Electronic Cinema Festival, Montreux, Switzerland. Written and Directed by Carl Colby.

One Mo' Time!

A television adaptation of the Obie-Award winning Broadway musical, by Vernel Bagneris, about a troupe of black musicians at the Lyric Theatre in New Orleans, circa 1926. A production of Beta Film/Taurus/Unitel.

Elysian Fields

An adaptation of "The Silent Twins", by Marjorie Wallace; commissioned by PRP Productions.

Jelly Roll

On the life and times of Jelly Roll Morton; commissioned by Penn Sicre, Madrid Films; producer of IN THE BEDROOM.


A story about the “blowback” suffered by the U.S. after the U.S. and CIA armed the Afghan Mujahadeen.

The Perfumed Road

A story set in Saigon, Vietnam in the early 1960’s on how America became embroiled in the Vietnam War.

The Red Hand

A story of a forbidden romance between the widow of an IRA man and an English soldier on the border of Northern Ireland.


Is the story of an American CIA station chief investigating the murder of his predecessor in Honduras in the 1980’s.

Black And Blue

The story of two young American models who are enmeshed in the S&M world of underground Paris.

The One

The story of an American astronaut who dies in space and miraculously comes back to life as he returns to Earth.