Writing Credits: Original Treatments

Out Of The Shadows

Based upon the true stories of the unsung heroes of the CIA, FBI, DEA and ATF in the line of fire. Developed by Roger Birnbaum and Gary Barber of Spyglass Entertainment for CBS Entertainment.

American Spy

Based upon true stories of CIA covert operations in Italy in the 1950’s era of La Dolce Vita. Developed by Luca Ravera, Luca Ravera Productions, Rome, Italy for RAI.

Blood Red

Based upon the true story of Phil Hill, Enzo Ferrari, and the 1962 Formula 1 Championship season. Developed by Manifest Film Company/Columbia Pictures.

The Glomar Explorer

Based upon the true story of the raising of the Soviet submarine by Glomar Explorer. Developed by Bill Todman Jr./Kopelson Entertainment.

The Next War

Based upon a realistic cyberwarfare scenario for “the next world war”, optioned by Adelson Entertainment.

The Agency

The story of a young American woman who marries a CIA agent. She accompanies her husband to Mexico and they become involved in the murder of high-ranking Mexican government official. Optioned by Polygram TV.